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Our Response to COVID-19

How we’re protecting our clients, our employees, and our neighborhoods.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, live phone support for PowerTime is currently unavailable. However, e-mail support is still operating at full capacity, so if you need help with a PowerTime related issue, please don’t hesitate to send a message to support@focusps.com

Building a Healthier Community

Life just got more challenging for so many of us, and we feel a responsibility to do what we can to make this pandemic easier to get through. So we’re coordinating with our local hospitals and medical providers to improve their working conditions. We’ve turned our fleet of 3D printers, which normally create components for our Tempus hardware devices, to the task of creating conveniences such as mask extenders. We hope that with contributions from local businesses, our community’s health care providers and their support staff can work in safety and comfort.


From Workshop
to your Desktop

A silhouette of a Tempus Lite Data Terminal, viewed from the side
A Stylized Tempus Lite Data Terminal viewed from the side and turned off
A Stylized Tempus Lite Data Terminal viewed from the side and turned on. The screen reads "TEMPUS LITE, Focus Inc"
A Stylized Tempus Lite Data Terminal viewed from the side and turned on. The screen reads "TEMPUS LITE, Focus Inc"


Here at Focus, we offer a rare service: Custom-made Timesheet and Attendance-tracking Kiosks.

Our sleek terminals let employees to punch in or out, check their attendance history, view their leave balance, and more. If you must precisely log your employees’ hours worked, especially if you are still using a paper system, this is your opportunity to step into a new world of convenience.

Plus, they’re easy for almost anyone to set up. Just find a power outlet, an Ethernet cable, and ask yourself this question:

“Have I got a screwdriver or power drill?”

If you answered “Yes”, then you’ve got everything you need to install our terminals!

Compared to traditional paper time clocks, our Data Collection Terminals can:

1. Support a variety of user identification methods
2. Are just as easy for employees to use
3. Do a better job of preventing mistakes or fraud
4. Use no paper or ink, and create no waste
5. Require NO manual data entry
6. Store data on a secure remote server, protecting you from potential data loss
7. Are whisper-quiet!

A close-up view of an UP Board's circuitry, mounted on metal frame
Large metal shelves holding many Tempus Pro Data Collection Terminals side-by-side
A Focus Inc employee sits at a workshop desk, assembling small electronic components
An extreme close-up of an electronic circuit board
A Taz6 3D Printer creates specialized frame components for the Tempus Pro
A close-up of the nozzle of a Taz6 3D Printer as it creates specialized components for the Tempus Pro
A close-up of the screen and keyboard of two Tempus Pros lying on their backs


When we say “customizable”, we really do mean it.

Whatever kind of data collection device your company requires, we can design something to fulfill it. Consider using it for:

Inventory Tracking
Time and Attendance
Supply Chains
Monitoring and Security
Stations
Interactive Information Kiosks
And much more!

That’s not the only thing our devices can do! Here are just some of the features you could include with your made-to-order data collection terminals (Availability may vary by model):


A simplified white icon of a generic figure wearing a name tag

A simplified white icon of a keyboard

Username and Password

Using a built-in or on-screen keyboard, users log in using their unique username and password.

A simplified white icon of an ID badge hanging on a lanyard

RFID badge detection

Employees log in by tapping a Proximity ID enabled card to the sensor on the front of the terminal.

A simplified white icon of a fingerprint

Fingerprint Biometrics

After registering their fingerprint, users log in by pressing their finger against a biometric reader on top of the device.

Coming Soon!

A white icon of a QR Code that leads to https://focusps.com

QR Code

Employees log in by presenting their unique QR code to the camera on the front of the device.


A simplified white icon of a turtle shell

Tamper ProtectionA simplified white icon of a padlock and key
Environmental Resistance

A simplified white icon of a tempus pro holding an umbrella to protect it from raindrops


A simplified white icon of a Tempus Pro wearing a crown

Wired or Wireless network access
A simplified white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal with wireless waves flowing into and out of it
Desktop or Wall Mounted
A simplified white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal on a desktop next to a coffee mug
10″ or 7″ LED Touch Screen
A simplified white icon of a hand held over a screen marked "7 to 10 inches"
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
A simplified white icon of an ethernet (CAT5) cable turning into a lightning bolt
An 80's retro stylized lineup of the Tempus Pro, Tempus, and Tempus Lite


Viewers on smaller screens may need to scroll left or right to view all features.
A Tempus Lite data collection terminal viewed from the front


A Tempus data collection terminal viewed from the front


A Tempus Pro data collection terminal viewed from the front



The Tempus Lite is an affordable option for organizations of all sizes. Its lightweight and compact design allows it to fit in well in offices, doorways, and corridors, and its versatile array of User Access options offer flexibility to businesses both large and small.
The Tempus sits in the happy middle of size and power. Boasting a larger screen than the Tempus Lite, as well as externally accessible USB ports, it’s a great solution for the user looking to maximize the functionality of their office device.
For the toughest environments, the Tempus Pro is the go-to choice. Its hardened metal casing is designed to withstand challenges such as the outdoors, hot or cold temperatures, dusty and dirty environments, and frequent usage by less-than-gentle employees.
Placement Options
Free-standing and Wall-mounted
Free-standing and Wall-mounted
Mount to Wall or Vehicle
Footprint (Wall Mounted)
7.0″ height
9.0″ width
3.25″ depth
8.0″ height
11.75″ width
2.5″ depth
11.5″ height
10.75″ width
2.5″ depth
Footprint (Free Standing)
4.75″ height
9.0″ width
5.25″ depth (With Foot)
7″ height
11.75″ width
7.25″ depth (With Foot)
7″ Color LED Touch Screen
10″ Color LED Touch Screen
10″ Color LED Touch Screen
Indoors Only
Indoors Only
Outdoor Ready
Computing Performance


Production Lead Time

*Production Lead Time of all devices will be longer than stated as we take extra precautions due to COVID-19

14 – 28 days
14 – 28 days
28 – 56 days
Minimum Order
1 Unit
1 Unit
10 Units




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